Project Description

Bermuda is a pastel-coloured oasis of pink sand and brilliant azure seas located in the Atlantic, north of the Caribbean. So it’s only fitting that its national dress should be as colourful as the Island itself.

Although Bermuda shorts are its national clothing, the history of the garment goes back a long time: the British Army gets the credit for their creation.

The shorts were a product of sweltering Army officers serving in tropical British colonies – including Bermuda – at the turn of the last century. To cope, they started cutting off the bottom half of their trousers to get relief from the heat, and this new cut-off style caught on as a popular fashion trend.

As the Island was the playground of the wealthy elites, influential visitors then started to bring these new clothes back to Martha’s Vineyard. From this, Bermuda shorts became a sensation in the preppy East Coast of the 1950s. This was also the time when makers of the shorts began to experiment with wider ranges of colourful pastel shades, such as Bermuda blue, ocean green, punchy yellow and coral red.

Today Bermuda shorts can be bought in stores across the Island and from modern makers such as TABS (The Authentic Bermuda Shorts) company.

So how should Bermuda shorts be worn? On formal occasions or in the office, they are complemented with a blazer, tie and knee socks. And for men who move to Bermuda to work, the option is either to ‘go local’ and wear the shorts or stick with long trousers they are more familiar with from back home.

Either is perfectly acceptable. But be warned: the latter risks good-natured speculation about whether or now you have knobbly knees!

The choice is yours…


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