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▷ With 20+ years’ experience, we truly understand the offshore employment market
▷ We enjoy an outstanding quality of hire success rate, avoiding unnecessary replacement costs
▷ Candidates are fully qualified and screened to ensure they are of the highest quality and a good ‘Island fit’
▷ We only submit candidates who match your brief, saving you time
▷ More choice: Access the best of today’s talent from around the world
▷ Reach passive candidates: ensure your vacancies are seen by candidates on and off the market
▷ We’ll act fast if your vacancy is urgent

Established in 1998, Hamilton Recruitment is a recognised leader in recruiting qualified Financial Services & Legal professionals to work in the world’s leading offshore financial centres such as Bermuda, the British Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands and the Channel Islands.

Our consultants have personal experience working offshore so we understand Island life and cultural considerations, as well as being familiar with your professional requirements. We’re therefore ideally placed to identify recruits who will make a smooth transition to your working environment.

We provide a personalised and highly professional service by matching your recruitment requirements with the best candidates available. We recruit successfully for a large variety of offshore organisations including Banks, Funds, Insurance Management companies, Offshore Magic Circle law firms, boutique Insolvency Practitioners, and the Big Four accountancy practices.

Sourcing the very best professional talent

Finding top talent is difficult for many employers. Deciding whom to hire – and how to find them – are key challenges faced by many firms and institutions on the Islands. We have developed a unique approach to solve this problem. Our system is the only one in the market that solves the hiring problems of clients operating specifically in the offshore Financial Services & Legal market. Sourcing globally, and using our local knowledge together with a combination of advanced recruitment techniques, it’s designed to help you access the Top 20% of professional talent for the region.

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On a rolling 5-year basis, Hamilton Recruitment enjoys a 96% success rate when it comes to candidates staying on beyond their first year of hire.

Recruiting from overseas can be risky. We recognise the possibility that a candidate may not live up to your high expectations. That is why we take great care in assessing all our prospective candidates. Every candidate is screened by telephone/Skype and an assessment is made as to their suitability for offshore employment, together with a review of their skills, experience and personality to ensure they are a good all-round match for your company and the Island. And all of our placements come with a no-quibble guarantee in the rare eventuality things don’t work out upon relocating.

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Contact us also to get a copy of our Terms & Conditions. Employers are advised that, in deciding to interview any candidate introduced by Hamilton Recruitment, our standard Terms & Conditions shall apply in the event of a subsequent offer of employment that is accepted by the candidate.

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