See some of the great feedback we’ve got from successful candidates and how we can make things better for you too:

From Mark in the Cayman Islands

“I never knew an opportunity like this would be possible.”

From James Martin in Bermuda

“It’s been a five star move for my career. I’ve learnt so much already.”

From Melissa in Canada

“I’m very excited about my move down to the BVI. Thanks for all of your help!”

From Jessica Howarth in England

“I have a big smile on my face! Thank you for getting me the interview. Job hunting is meant to be hard work but Hamilton Recruitment made it simple. You were simply the most responsive company to get in touch and arrange multiple interviews. I highly recommend you.”

From Grant in Australia

“You were the only recruitment agency I registered with who actually delivered what you promised. All the other recruitment agencies seem to treat candidates just like numbers. Your personalised service was exceptional.”

From Russ in the British Virgin Islands

Things are fantastic. Work is good – I’m learning lots and the people are terrific!”

From Iain in Bermuda

“Life as an Audit Senior in Bermuda is a lot more interesting that being one in Canada, I can tell you. The work is absolutely fascinating.”

From Joanna in England

“I sent my signed contract back to Cayman on Friday. My employer is sending me a pack via courier containing various forms for Immigration and I’m just waiting for this to arrive… I am so excited!!! Can’t thank you enough :-)”

From Ken in Bermuda

“Thank you for helping me. It’s the best decision I have made in my life. It’s a great place to work.”

From Elizabeth in the Cayman Islands

Cayman is brilliant, great people, excellent environment, and I’m getting all the support I need from my new employer. Believe me, they are a great team here. My journey went ahead as planned, with no hitches whatsoever. I was welcomed at the airport and guided safely to my hotel.

Work started on Tuesday and I have also been doing some personal orientation – opening up a bank account and making plans for accommodation. Let me take this opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude to you and your team for bringing me to these fantastic Islands!”

From Bradley, on moving to Bermuda

“I cannot think of a better location to learn about the insurance sector, and develop myself both personally and professionally.”

From Nick in the USA

“I can’t overstate how impressed I am with your site. [It] is user friendly and the wealth of knowledge on the various islands and in the Resources section in particular exceeded my expectations. No other recruitment site comes close.”

From Amanda in Scotland

“Following dealings with many other recruitment companies, I can say you were by far the most helpful and professional firm I have spoken to (by a country mile). I will definitely recommend you to anyone else looking to move offshore.”

From Melanie in Bermuda

“I’m doing very well. The move has been excellent so far! Bermuda is so beautiful and I’m settling in nicely. The company seems to be a great fit and I’ve made many friends already. I met one of your other candidates and we discussed how helpful you were in finding us employment on the Island. Actually, we just finished up training today so the real work begins soon. I really appreciate everything you did for me.”

From Tara in Canada

“I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for being so punctual with arranging our interview, and to thank you for being very prompt in forwarding me all the latest employment vacancies. I’ve heard some horror stories with other recruiting agencies but I’d be very happy to recommend Hamilton Recruitment to any of my friends.”

From Kyle in Australia

“Your advice really answered a lot of things I’d been wondering about.”

From Emma in the Cayman Islands

“I can’t believe that I have been here for a month now – it’s gone so quickly! The first couple of weeks were hectic: trying to sort out a house, get a car, get set up with a local doctor, insurance, work out where everything was. But it’s such a small Island that I already feel I know it pretty well.

I’m so glad I made the move. I’ve got a new house, which is nestled amongst palm trees and flowers, with a gorgeous swimming pool and a jacuzzi. I’ve met some really nice people and there’s already a group of about eight of us. The group keeps expanding as we meet more people – it’s so friendly.

Life in the Cayman Islands is also quite laid back. Outside of work, it’s too hot to rush around for anything. I just love life here. Because the Island is only 26 miles long there are a limited number of bars and restaurants – most of the action is on Seven Mile Beach. You have to work out which bar the party is at on any given night. Of course, after work you can also fit in a lot in the evenings – pretty much everywhere is within a five-mile radius of where I’m staying. And the daytime activities are unreal. A typical weekend involves: diving, scuba, sailing, golf, cycling, lying on the beach, eating, drinking, pool parties, salsa dancing…. and the weather is so reliable.

I’ve been sailing today with a friend and it was a little windy. It’s great to be back into dinghy sailing. The water is crystal clear and so warm – it’s lovely sailing in a bikini and a life vest. You can see the bottom of the ocean floor where the water is so clear. The sea looks like patches of bright turquoise and emerald. When we were out, I noticed a dark patch on the water and thought it could be some coral. I was getting ready to tack away but noticed the dark patch was moving towards us fairly quickly – it turned out to be a massive school of fish. There are all sorts of wildlife in the water. So far I have only snorkelled (diving later) and have seen lots of fish, barracuda, stingrays, turtles. It’s a pretty good way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

The weather is hot every day except for when there is a tropical storm… quite an eye-opener the first time. It pours for about half an hour then the sun comes out and the rain just steams away!

Since most people have left home to move over here, pretty much everyone is up for getting the most out of every single day. On Friday we went to a party in a beach bar – the best night I have had so far. We bumped into some of the Caymanians that I work with and they insisted I sample some of the local coconut rum before hitting the dance floor. That’s it for now. I hope you are well and hopefully we’ll speak soon!”

From Jill in Bermuda

“I arrived and am having a great time. Bermuda is out of this world.

I stayed in a guesthouse for the first couple of nights and have just have moved into my new house (it’s bright yellow – very art deco!) overlooking the ocean. I must say it’s great: close to work and only $1,025 per month.

When I arrived on Thursday, two of the girls from work met me at the airport. Everyone you meet is so open and friendly. I dropped off my stuff, got showered, put on some summer clothes and we went for a lovely meal and drinks over in the bay. The restaurants here are great and I just love the views from everywhere!

Friday morning, I woke up really early because of the time difference so I wandered across to the beach (how bad is that!). It was amazing, walking past coconut and banana trees, over bridges with views of tropical fish, all in the scorching heat – then cooling off in the clearest water I’ve ever seen. OH MY GOD ….I just love it. (Mind you, I was caught in my first tropical rain shower yesterday and got soaked!). Then after moving into my house on Saturday, we went to get my scooter. It was hilarious learning to drive it but I’m getting used to it now – a little scary at first but loving it at the same time and wanting to zoom around exploring the Island. Then, on Saturday afternoon, we went to Elbow Beach and I managed to start work on getting a decent tan.

Bermuda seems really big. Somehow I had imagined a tiny place the size of my hometown but for some reason it seems much larger. Maybe that’s because I’ve only just arrived and it’s still all new to me. Thanks for getting me out here.”

From Charles in the Cayman Islands

“Hamilton has a long history of successful candidate placements.”

From Alan in Ireland

“I am very excited about the job. I’ve read through the offer and am extremely happy to accept. The timeline from starting the process to being offered a position has been less than two weeks. Thanks for all your work and valued advice and most of all for making this happen!”

From Sarah in the British Virgin Islands

“Tom, I hope you’re doing well and enjoying life. I certainly have been for the last year and a half. I love the BVI. It’s everything I hoped it would be and more.

I’ve got a beautiful apartment near the beach with a pool and am looking to buy a boat at the moment too. Loving the lifestyle here.

I would like to stay here in Tortola for another couple of years and am obviously keeping an eye out for jobs as they come up so could you let me know if you have anything going at the moment? Look forward for hearing from you soon.”

From Mandy in Bermuda

“I wanted to send you a quick note to let you know that I absolutely LOVE Bermuda!

Customs gave me a hard time upon my arrival at the airport but everything has gone uphill since then. The staff here have been fantastic. I couldn’t think of a single bad thing to say about the job or the people. Everyone is always more than willing to help either with personal or work related questions.

I have adjusted fairly well so far. Finding a place to live has been very easy. I’m not too fussy – there have been quite a few places I liked but I found somewhere that I love! I’ve found it very easy to make friends and am moving in with some new friends that I have met (fellow Canadians!). I even purchased my new scooter already.

Thanks again for all your help. I have a few friends that are looking for employment here as well.”

From Dan in Bermuda

“I wanted to thank you for helping me find my job here. My employer has a fantastic team and I feel right at home. It’s hard to believe almost a year has passed already! Bermuda is a truly wonderful place and a great environment to work in. I am really enjoying everything my new life and career have to offer. Many thanks once again for your hard work and first-class service.”

From Scott in the Cayman Islands

“Everything is going great here. I made it to Grand Cayman and just started work. I’ve gotten quickly settled in and things are kicking pretty good now, so am staying busy.

I can already tell I’m going to enjoy it here and am really happy about the move thus far. I appreciate all your help in making this happen. There were some quick decisions to be made but you guys made everything go smoothly. I hope you’re doing well. Definitely keep in touch.”

From Ciaran in Bermuda

“I wanted to say thank you for all your help through the recruitment process. I have been in Bermuda since last Thursday and am now getting nicely settled in. So far everybody has been very friendly and helpful and I couldn’t really have asked for a better start. I am just finishing training and begin on client work soon.”

From Chris in the Cayman Islands

It’s been a tremendous experience: both work/career and lifestyle!”

From Kevin in Bermuda

“Thought I’d drop you a quick email to say things are going well: Very happy with everything at the new company. Everything you said about this whole experience being completely life-changing is true. I’m very grateful for all your help in making this happen for me.”

From Victoria in the British Virgin Islands

“I’ve had my work permit approved by Immigration and it’s being couriered over to me right now. My flights are booked and I’m leaving next Thursday. Kind of scary and all very exciting at the same time. A dream come true!

From Alex in Canada

“Going offshore is a no-brainer for anyone who wants to make something exceptional of their life and career.”

From Steve in the Cayman Islands

“Things are great. Settled into the role and looking to build on from here. Living with some guys from E&Y and playing for a football team so am meeting loads of people. Life is good!

From Lucy Foster in England

“I can’t stress enough how grateful I am to Hamilton Recruitment. Not only have they secured me a dream job in Bermuda but they did it within 5 weeks of my application being sent in. To say I’m thrilled would be an understatement. I can’t wait to get on the Island. My only regret is that I didn’t do this earlier. Better late than never!”

From Dominique in England

“I can see it’s going to be a big door-opener for me!”

From Tap in Barbados

“Barbados is full of get-up-and-go people. The expat camaraderie when you arrive is awesome – everyone has been through it [the move] themselves.”

From Abdullah in London

“I have heard a lot about Hamilton recruitment from my friends and colleagues – that it’s a great firm to help you find a job abroad.”

From Ivan in the United Kingdom

“Thanks for the service. I would recommend you any day to anyone!

From Saphia in the UK

“I found the support and service I received to be excellent. It was so easy!

From Dean, Texas USA

“I have had the most amazing support from Hamilton Recruitment. I am incredibly grateful for the work you have put in to help make this happen. In my eyes, your company is a top class organisation and I wouldn’t hesitate to send anyone looking for a new experience your way. Thanks again for everything and I’d love to keep in touch.”

From Sarah in England

“I can’t wait to get out to the Turks & Caicos and experience a completely new lifestyle change. The natural beauty is very appealing. If it’s okay, I’d like to be able to get in touch once again after my contract to continue to develop my career across the Caribbean/Bermuda.”

From Jen in Canada

“It was a pleasure to work with Hamilton Recruitment: from the volume of information provided to the personal check-ins and interview reminders as the process progressed, their attention to detail and genuine interest made a world of difference.”

From Juan in South Africa

“Hamilton Recruitment is one of the best recruiters that I have ever dealt with. They are professional, responsive, helpful, understanding and honest. They made the process as easy and simple as can be.

From Allan in Bermuda

“It’s insanely easy to make new friends in Bermuda!”

From Sharon in the British Virgin Islands

“Hamilton Recruitment has been very responsive and knowledgeable. I am so thankful that, in a short period of time, you found the perfect job for me!”

From Melissa in the Caribbean

“Again you made my job transition so much less stressful. Thank you!”

From Gareth in Bermuda

“From the moment I decided to look into a possible move to Bermuda, Tom from Hamilton Recruitment went out of his way to assist me in obtaining a position. He was beyond helpful and gave me a great insight into life on the Island. Within just over a week, I had a position secured with a finance company. I could not recommended Hamilton recruitment – and especially Tom – highly enough.”

From Harry in the UK, moving to Bermuda

I was extremely impressed by the speed of service offered by Hamilton Recruitment. It was only 3 weeks between my contacting them and receiving an offer from a Big Four accountancy firm.”

From Matt in Canada, moving to the Channel Islands

“Both Sarah Young and Thomas Burton were instrumental to my obtaining overseas employment consistent with my long term career goals. Hamilton Recruitment’s advice and guidance were of much value throughout the job search process.”

From Anastasiya in Bermuda

“I’m at a loss for words except to say thank you for helping me change my life. I live in paradise, I ride an awesome scooter, I love my new job and the wonderful people I work with.

I play sports, go to the gym, eat healthily and I’ve never been happier. I’ve met amazing people and have a magical group of friends who have become my family after only two months.

The work was totally new to me and I was nervous but I’ve had so much guidance and support from everyone here. It’s interesting and exciting, I could never have imagined anything better.

It’s just like you described. I am absolutely in love with Bermuda 🙂


From Scarlet in Venezuela

“I appreciate all the help Hamilton Recruitment provided to me. It was a simple, fast and efficient process. In less than a month, I had the interviews and signed the job offer, and now I have been in Bermuda almost a year. Lovely people. You won’t regret it, just try!!!”

From Jon in Bermuda

“I wanted to thank you for putting everything together regarding moving abroad. I have been here a week now and am having a great time. The team is great to work with and the role has a lot of interesting things going on in it. Again I want to thank you for your help”

From Hugh in the British Virgin Islands

“I had the pleasure of dealing with Hamilton Recruitment and, in particular, Carmel whilst looking for an offshore finance role [in the British Virgin Islands]. Carmel is a consummate professional who went above and beyond from the moment contact was made. I was well prepared for a host of interviews she had arranged due to her invaluable advice throughout the process.”

From Evodia in the Cayman Islands

“I was so impressed by the professionalism of the team. The first call I had with Carmel: she told me she was going to get me a job and she did.  She gave me hope to believe in myself during the hard times. Carmel and Tom told me where they had sent my CV, and whenever a new post came up they contacted me immediately. They made me feel like their only candidate and that was amazing. I would like to thank the whole of Hamilton Recruitment for their support. I would definitely recommend your services to all my friends. Thank you!”

From Heather in Ottawa

Still can’t believe I’ll be moving to Bermuda in just over a week! Hamilton Recruitment was hands on from the start, and by far the most responsive
recruiting company I dealt with. They were upfront and honest with me regarding my expectations from the beginning and provided all the necessary tools and resources when it came to updating my CV for specific roles, for interview guidance and preparation, and for helpful links and articles applicable to the insurance industry. I can’t thank you enough!”

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