Recruitment services

Established in 1998, Hamilton Recruitment is a recognised leader in recruiting qualified accountants and lawyers to work in the world’s leading offshore financial centres.

We provide a personalised and highly professional service by matching your recruitment requirements with the best candidates available. We recruit successfully for a large variety of offshore organisations including banks, funds, insurance management companies, global law firms and Big Four and Top10 accountancy practices.

Secondment services

Click here to learn more about our accounting secondment services in Bermuda.

What sets us apart

Our consultants all have personal experience working offshore so we understand Island life as well as being familiar with your professional requirements. We are therefore ideally placed to identify recruits who will make a smooth transition to your working environment.

We have access to a resource of qualified candidates from around the world and we always actively screen all our applicants so that you get your choice of the best available. We will not waste your time by submitting candidates who are not suitable. And, as an independent provider, we can meet your recruitment needs quickly and effectively without the constraints of larger, less flexible organisations.

Safeguards and accreditations

Recruiting from overseas can be risky. We recognise the possibility that a candidate may not live up to your high expectations. That is why we take great care in assessing all our prospective candidates.

Every candidate is screened by telephone/Skype and an assessment is made as to their suitability for offshore employment, together with a review of their skills, experience and personality to ensure they are a good all-round match for your company.

We recommend you read our PDF guide on ’10 Questions You Should Ask An Offshore Recruitment Agency Before Your Engage Them’.

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Maximum convenience

We aim to make your life as convenient as possible. Our talent pipeline of candidates is accessible to you at any time whilst our monthly email bulletins inform you of new professionals regularly.

What to do next

We are truly committed to becoming “the first choice for offshore professionals”.

Please get in touch now if you have any current or forthcoming permanent or contract openings.

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