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Living and working in Bermuda

Types of jobs available in Bermuda

As a leading offshore finance centre, job openings in Bermuda will entail positions in Finance, Law and Insolvency. Finance jobs include roles with the leading audit and accountancy practices (including Deloitte, Ernst & Young, KPMG and PwC) as well as insurance management companies and banks, where there will be career opportunities for financial accountants, fund accountants and financial controllers.

In terms of the legal profession, there are job openings in Bermuda with leading offshore law firms (such as Appleby, Conyers Dill and many others) as well as in-house. Additionally, vacancies arise in Bermuda for candidates who are professionally qualified and experienced in Insolvency or Recovery work, as well as those who are STEP-qualified and seeking employment in the Trusts sector. 









Lifestyle in Bermuda

When it comes to offering diverse job opportunities accompanied by tax-free saving and the enjoyment of an active social life, Bermuda is second to none.

With one of the highest GDPs per capita in the world, it boasts the largest array of offshore financial services companies and so affords the widest choice of employment and career prospects. The Island also offers countless sporting activities you can get involved in (such as diving or playing golf, tennis, beach volleyball, baseball, field hockey, football, cricket or rugby) as well as the chance to meet many other young professionals with a similar positive attitude to life. Bermuda jobs therefore come with highly-desirable additional benefits beyond the working office.


Twenty one miles in length, Bermuda is a beautiful group of Islands located 600 miles east off the coast of North Carolina, USA. It has a year-round population of 62,000 (over a quarter of whom are expatriates) and this increases significantly during the long, hot summer tourist season when up to half a million visitors arrive. The Island time zone is four hours behind the UK, one hour ahead of East Coast Time.

And due to the proximity of Hamilton to most areas, many residents do not have much of a commute to and from the office. This allows you far more freedom and personal time before and after work each day to enjoy yourself or just relax, contributing to the superb quality of life on offer.

Sub-tropical climate

The climate in Bermuda is generally sub-tropical and frost-free, thanks to the Gulf Stream. Daytime temperatures seldom exceed a comfortably-hot 90 degrees in summer and hotels offer a rebate if it doesn't reach 68 degrees in winter, giving the Island a very favourable climate for those who enjoy going to the beach and water-sports or other outdoor activities in Bermuda.

Career progression in financial services

International business and tourism are the twin industries that drive the Island's economy and therefore Bermuda jobs. In recent years, the share of revenue generated from the huge financial services sector has continued to thrive, notwithstanding the impact of the global economic climate.

Assisted by its stable and tax-free environment, it has become the jurisdiction of choice for many financial services companies and institutions, in particular international giants in insurance/ reinsurance management. (Named as The World's Risk Capital, Bermuda is the globe's foremost offshore domicile, writing a staggering US$100 billion annually in insurance premium) plus holding companies, trading and shipping companies, and trusts. Many jobs in Bermuda are created by these institutions and most of these jobs in Bermuda are filled by qualified expats.

Bermuda is also a world-class centre for hedge funds (with more than US$107 billion in net assets), private equity funds, asset finance, and for incorporations of global companies seeking to list on established and internationally-recognised stock exchanges (the BSX boasts the world's first fully electronic offshore securities exchange market). Career opportunities in Bermuda therefore abound for ambitious, talented finance professionals who would like to develop their financial services experience in a superior living environment. The opportunities for advancement are considerable.

Currency-wise, the Bermuda dollar is fixed at 1:1 with the US dollar and both currencies are freely used on the Island. 








Recreational activities

Bermuda is a leading vacation destination and provides excellent facilities for most sports as well as having beautiful sandy beaches that are the envy of many rival locations. There are clubs and leagues that can be joined to cover a wide range of sports including football, rugby, cricket, field hockey, squash, volleyball and softball, amongst others. Golf and tennis facilities in particular are plentiful - keen players of these popular sports will have a wealth of clubs and locations to choose from. Click for examples.

The Island is also host to a number of high-profile sporting occasions throughout the year, ranging from the Bermuda Open (tennis), to the inaugural 20-20 World Cricket Classic and the long-running World Rugby Classic. In 2007 the PGA Grand Slam of Golf was held there. These events provide an excellent opportunity to witness some first-rate sport at close quarters. Bermuda is, of course, an ideal location in which to participate in water sports and many people take up sailing, wind surfing, jet skiing or go deep-sea fishing.

Aside from the world of sport, Bermuda boasts four cinemas featuring the latest US releases and there are a number of societies that periodically stage plays or revues. There is a wide range of restaurants, from casual diners to top quality, elegant (and expensive!) restaurants in attractive locations. KFC is the only international fast food chain - Government policy is to retain Bermuda's distinctiveness by barring foreign fast food chains (e.g. McDonalds).

Given its proximity to North America, there are also many opportunities to explore the continent with frequent direct flights to both Canada and the US proving an attractive option. The main airport is 30 minutes drive from Hamilton and is only 90 minutes flying time from New York, allowing for ready excursions to the mainland. Most people need little encouragement to visit NY, Florida, California, Las Vegas, South America and the many other easily reached destinations during their tenure in Bermuda. There are regular direct flights to London too. A benefit of the tax-free environment means that such travel is much more affordable for accountants & lawyers on the Island compared to their counterparts in, say, the UK or Canada.








If you enjoy going out after work, there are many pubs in Hamilton, as well as some cool nightclubs. The bars offer a good opportunity to meet people from a similar background (lots of single people who are professionals and in their mid-20s tend move to the Island) and you can be assured of a very active social life.

And for those who enjoy celebrity-spotting, Bermuda has its fair share of high-profile visitors. These include the likes of David Bowie & Iman, Michael Douglas (whose mother is Bermudian - his family owns Ariel Sands, one of the local hotels) and Catherine Zeta Jones, British ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair, Pat Rafter (he lives there although he is often on the tennis circuit), Peter Benchley of Jaws fame, Ross Perot, Samuel L Jackson, Rolling Stone Charlie Watts, Louise Redknapp (she named her album Elbow Beach after one of the hotels where she married footballer Jamie Redknapp), Hootie & the Blowfish, and many others. This continues the rich tradition set by earlier generations of celebrity visitors such as John Lennon and Ian Fleming.


Bermuda is the oldest self-governing colony (or "dependent territory" as it is now properly called) of Britain, with the 3rd oldest parliament anywhere in the world. A referendum on independence was defeated. Executive government is carried out by the Cabinet under the direction of the Premier.

Although named after a Spanish mariner named Juan de Bermudez who sailed past Bermuda in 1503, it was not until the British ship 'Sea Venture' got shipwrecked off the coast in 1609 that a permanent settlement was made. The first official settlers arrived in 1612 when jurisdiction was granted by James I to the Virginia Company. The Company's charter, however, was revoked in 1684 and the Governor henceforth held his commission from the Crown.


In order to secure a new job in Bermuda, prospective recruits will need to obtain a work permit. To protect Bermudians from unfair overseas competition, you will only be granted a work permit for a Bermuda job if you hold a professional designation (e.g. a chartered accountant or a lawyer) and there is not a suitably-qualified Bermudian candidate available for the role at the time of application. The international business sector has the greatest demand for professional and office staff and continues to prosper so this requirement is usually not a significant hurdle provided of course that local candidates are considered first.

For couples hoping to relocate to Bermuda, please note that although you may be granted a work permit, this does not automatically allow your partner to seek employment there. He or she will have to go through the same Immigration process and be evaluated in their own right unless you are married.

Customs duty

It is generally far cheaper to bring your belongings as accompanied excess baggage (for which most employers provide an allowance as part of the relocation assistance) rather than to have them sent as air-freight or shipped. It also makes things easier if items go missing requiring a search.

Duty is levied on goods (excluding used clothes; used sports gear is also mostly exempt) when you take them to the Island although a more relaxed approach is granted on your first arrival. On initial arrival, therefore, you should not complete one of the white customs declaration forms since these are aimed at existing residents; instead the customs officer will help you fill out the appropriate form after inspection of your bags. Note that existing residents who may have made purchases whilst on a trip off the Island are entitled to an allowance provided they have been away for at least 72 hours.








Public holidays

Holiday entitlements will vary from employer to employer, based on whether they are generally of US or European origin. Firms of US origin tend to have three weeks annual entitlement versus other firms, which offer four weeks. Some companies will also follow the US holidays whilst others will follow the British or perhaps Canadian days. In any event, they will usually also follow the Bermuda public holidays, of which there are ten.

These are as follow: New Year's Day, Good Friday, Bermuda Day (May), the Queen's Birthday, Cup Match (four day weekend), Labour Day, Remembrance, Christmas Day and Boxing Day. (Note that many firms also additionally take Thanksgiving off).

Dress code

The Island is undoubtedly much more relaxed that it used to be in the past. That said, whilst some offices have recently gone the 'smart casual' route, other employers expect formal office attire. For men, this usually means a suit in winter and Bermuda shorts together with a blazer and tie in summer. For women, this means that a suit, dress, skirt and top combination are all acceptable. You may also find that optional black tie attire comes in useful around Christmas when there are many social events.

Transport and communications

In view of the sunny climate and the practicalities of buying a car, nearly all professionals arriving on the Island choose a scooter or moped as their initial means of transport. Many firms advance an interest-free loan to new starters for the purpose of enabling them to buy a bike (these typically cost from $500 second hand to $3,000 new). The roads are well maintained and given the Island's size, commuting times are limited. Spending 20 minutes getting to work would generally be considered a long journey. There is also an excellent public transport system including buses and ferries as well as a large Island-wide fleet of taxis. It's a safe, pollution-free environment.

Because of its mid-Atlantic location, Bermuda also provides the communication infrastructure necessary for a leading offshore centre of business, offering broadband internet, fax and full telephone services through fibre-optic cable connections to other parts of the world. From a technology standpoint, Bermuda is more in line with the relatively advanced North American market than it is with Europe. There are also purpose-built video conferencing studios operated by Cable & Wireless. 

Article from CA Magazine - 'The Bermuda Angle'

"CAs are waking up and finding themselves in this mid-Atlantic paradise but the reasons why are no big mystery..." [read more].








Quote about Bermuda

From an expatriate on the Island: 

"The problem wasn't adjusting to Bermuda, which took no time at all. The problem is going to be adjusting to life once I get back home:-)" New Resident Magazine

Relocation expenses

Once you have secured a job in Bermuda, your employer will pay for your return airfare plus an allowance for excess baggage. They will also provide you with free accommodation on arrival for the first few weeks whilst you get settled. Some may also offer an optional starting loan to help defray they usual set-up costs of moving in Bermuda. Additionally, all employers will provide job training as needed to ensure that you will be able to get "up to speed" in your new role; they are aware that, for most people, it will represent a first move into working in the financial services and international reporting sector and they will provide all the support they can to help you settle in smoothly and easily since this is clearly in everyone's best interest.

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Finding a Bermuda job

If you are interested in finding a Bermuda job and would like to apply for our recruitment assistance, please indicate the Island as a preferred destination on the registration form.

Click here for more Frequently Asked Questions about the Island.

BERMUDA CHANNEL: YouTube videos on what it's like living in Bermuda 


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