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Do you want more expert hints & tips on finding work offshore? Whether or not you are an accountant, this guide will tell you everything you need to know.

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If you know of an accounting vacancy at any of the companies on the Islands, tell us about it and earn a reward when we fill it (provided we did not already know about the opening, of course). Use the form on our Contact page to get in touch.

Writing your CV

It is vitally important that your CV is well-written and presented because it serves as your initial introduction to any prospective employer. In order to achieve its purpose – i.e. to get you to the interview stage – your résumé will need to clearly summarise your qualifications and experience and demonstrate that you are a suitable match for the vacancy in question.  (Need help? We now offer a CV Review service)








A strong résumé therefore represents your opportunity to make a favourable first impression and should include the following:

Personal information

  • Contact information (address, telephone and email)
  • Date of birth and nationality are also useful

Academic & professional

  • Your accounting designation, the institute, and the year it was obtained
  • Your degree, where you studied with dates attended, and grade obtained
  • Summary details of your secondary/high school with dates attended, and results

Employment history

  • For each job: position title, employer name, and dates worked there
  • Provide detail on your responsibilities and experience gained in that role
  • Examples of clients and industry sectors you may have worked on
  • Any experience of the financial services sector and US GAAP should be highlighted
  • Explain any gap periods in your resume

Experience and skills

  • Identification of your transferable professional skills is key
  • Include details of your core experience and skills: e.g. leadership, planning and organising, meeting deadlines, bringing assignments in on budget, technical skills, problem-solving, communication skills (oral, presentations, writing reports), commercial awareness, strategic thinking, interpersonal skills, flexibility and adaptability, and personal motivation

Other useful skills

  • Details of your IT literacy e.g. which applications you are familiar with
  • Any other skills, such as fluency in other languages apart from English

Other interests

  • Include information on your hobbies and personal interests (e.g. sports, travel, voluntary work, other activities)


  • If offered a new job, you will be required to provide contact information for references but it is not a requirement to include them on your resume

Ideally, your resume should be two to three pages long and will need to properly cover all the above in order to achieve its objective.

Writing Your CV

Do you need help?  

Your CV is your calling card to employers and its purpose is to get you an interview. It's therefore vitally important that it ticks all the right boxes and attracts interest in you, particularly in these challenging economic times.

We now offer a CV Review service. Priced at £50 (approximately US$75), this facility represents an investment in your future. Help differentiate yourself from other job-seekers by enlisting the input of one of our experienced recruitment consultants for feedback, advice and constructive comments for improvement of your CV.

To request this confidential service, make payment here using a credit card (a separate window will open) or click the box below, and be sure to include your correct email address on the form. Once payment has been received, we will email you direct to obtain your CV and start the review process.

The whole process usually takes just a couple of days.

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PS: For a limited time only, we are offering our downloadable e-book Finding Employment in Bermuda & the Caribbean (value £10/$15) FREE when you register for our CV Review Service

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At Hamilton Recruitment, we have openings for Audit Seniors, Financial Accountants and Fund Accountants for companies located in the Cayman Islands, Bermuda and the British Virgin islands.

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Your CV is your calling card to employers. It’s vital that it attracts interest in you if you’re to have the chance of an interview.

Help differentiate yourself from other job-seekers by enlisting the input of one of our recruitment consultants for feedback, advice and constructive comments to improve your CV. The whole process usually takes a couple of days.

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